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Staff Profiles

Terry Davis, Owner, EA

Terry is an Enrolled Agent with over 29 years of experience in IRS, as a Revenue Agent, Disclosure Officer, and Special Enforcement Program (SEP) manager. Terry graduated from Birmingham Southern College with degrees in Accounting and Finance. As an IRS SEP manager, Terry was responsible for leading a team of forensic revenue agents who conducted complex financial investigations in conjunction with the IRS Criminal Investigation Division (CID) and the United States Attorney’s office. Terry provided expertise in criminal tax and civil fraud investigations, compliance examinations, disclosure issues, matters involving offshore schemes, criminal restitution, grand jury procedures, whistleblower, FBAR, FATCA, IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program. As a Disclosure Manager, Terry was responsible for ensuring timely and accurate responses to requests for information as per the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act. As a Revenue Agent, Terry audited trust returns, excise tax returns, personal and business returns of various industries: construction, manufacturing, auto dealerships, retail, restaurants, farming, funeral homes. Terry also has bookkeeping experience in the manufacturing and construction industry.


Mark Gelber, CPA

Mark is a CPA licensed in the State of Florida and in New York (nonactive). Mark has over 30 years of experience in IRS and private practice. Mark brings to the table a wealth of experience with both individual and corporate entities, trusts, estates, and extensive experience in international issues.  During Mark’s tenure with IRS International Division, he handled cases not only with international issues but complex issues of various industries: pharmaceutical, retail, oil and gas, shipping, gaming, and the sports franchise industry; developed audit technique guidelines for various international issues such as transfer pricing and the international transport of goods by containers.